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Bring your content to life with results-driven writing and design

We know you’re overwhelmed. You’re in charge of marketing. That’s a big job. When you add in government regulations (because you work with nutraceticals), it can be a bit overwhelming.

After all, when you formulate health supplements, there are certain things you can and can’t say. All statements have to be backed up by factual research. And studies have to be properly conducted.

You’ve got a lot to keep track of. And a lot to do.

That’s what we’re here for. We enjoy creating marketing materials for B2B companies – especially health supplement manufacturers. We make you the hero.

We do that with response-driven copywriting and graphics – which is different from everyday writing and design. We write and design so readers will take action. We want your marketing to be heroic – and bring in more business.

Below are some projects in our marketing toolbelt:

If you need something not listed, contact us today. (If we don’t create it, we probably know someone who does.)

White Paper Writing

White papers build trust and showcase your authority. They can, however, be intimidating to create. You have to get stakeholder buy-in, decide on a topic, determine your audience, use your available research, contact SME’s, and on and on.

That’s why we’ve got a process to do everything. We take all these things off your to-do list, and put them onto ours. We can coordinate everything and deliver a well-written white paper in a timely manner.

Besides the writing, we can also design the final document and arrange for printing, if needed.  Click here to read more about white papers.

White Paper Plan

Every white paper we write begins with a white paper plan. This is a multi-page document that gives you a formula for success by getting stakeholder buy in before you write. Want to know more about White Paper Plans? Click here.

Case Study Creation

Case Studies give your prospects social proof that you deliver what you say. They help get your sales team over that last hurdle.

We can help you create case studies – from determining how many case studies you need, to interviewing clients, to writing and designing the finished product.  Learn more about case study creation.

Slide Decks

Slide decks are used so many places: customizing presentations for sales reps; showcasing a case study on Slideshare; stopping traffic at a trade show.

Slide decks are a fun and underused marketing channel. We can create one from scratch –  or convert your existing marketing materials into a visual delight.

Direct Mail Creation and Printing

Whether you need postcards, brochures, or letters, we write, design, and print direct-mail items.

Our services include attention-getting headlines, eyeball-stopping graphics, and calls to action. We also print other items such as business cards, rack cards, and data sheets.

Other Design Services include:

Other writing services include:

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