CLIENT: School of Life Foundation

PROJECT: Writing and Designing White Paper

CREATIVE GOAL: To highlight a unique, cost-effective, and exceptional program for teens struggling in school and life.

The School of Life Foundation provided us with several program graduates and staff who we interviewed. We also talked with their statistician. Then we wrote and designed a white paper. We also created a slideshare so they could achieve greater awareness of their program. The slideshare is above. To see the full white paper, click the button at the bottom of the page.

COMMENTS: “The creativity of the final paper was inspiring and they also assisted us with ideas on how to use it. Those who were interviewed during the process enjoyed their interactions with the associates of Hero Marketing Tools. Since completion of the project we have used the White Paper in many difference circumstances and it has fit every need we have.” ~Jack Rolfe, CEO, School of Life Foundation

Download White Paper