About Julie

Julie Gubler direct-response copywriter for health supplement manufacturers

My Quest

My quest is to make life easier for my clients. I take your problems (at least the ones you have creating white papers and case studies) and make them my problems.

I’m your marketing sidekick. I extend the reach of your marcom department because I do the writing. Your company gets to be the hero.

I Speak Your Language

There are nuances in writing for the nutraceutical industry. All statements require fact checking and documentation. FDA and FTC rules need to be adhered to, as well.

I understand these rules and see them as parameters to guide me – not constrictions to be resented.

I Understand Your Market

Your marketing materials need to be fact-based, yet engaging. They should speak to busy executives, as well as formulation scientists. Writing to two diverse audiences requires understanding each, as well as appreciating your unique offering.

I have a knack for writing to both audiences. I think it’s because I’m fascinated by manufacturing – having worked at a couple of plants. And I’m intrigued by health supplements, and how they’re improving our quality of life.

I Enjoy Long Form Content

Remember those research essays you wrote in school? Did you like them? I did. I loved spending time in the library looking through the card catalogue. (Yes I’m THAT old.) And my favorite part was explaining what I learned to my teacher. (Other students found this boring.)

I bring this same enthusiasm and love of learning to writing white papers.

I Listen to Learn  

Listening to customers lets you in on why they really buy. Knowing how to get this information is crucial when writing case studies. Preparing questions and staying on topic is important. However, some of the best information comes from knowing how to ask the right questions on the fly.

I’m intrigued by people – and why they do what they do. I’ve had lots of experience interviewing others. I think it’s fun. For example, I was the editor of a regional magazine for 2 years. During that time, I interviewed over 75 business owners for articles. I loved learning why each person started his or her business. 

I’m Professional

The last thing you need is a writer who doesn’t turn in a project on time. Or whose writing you have to extensively edit. Instead of tooting my own horn, here’s what one of my clients said:

“Julie’s professionalism is refreshing; she responds to initial requests quickly, and provides accurate timelines and milestones.

The white papers she has composed for our company have been right on target, and the first drafts she submits require nearly zero revision. I appreciate her familiarity with the nutraceuticals industry. . .

`Kristin Wilhoyte

I’m a Storyteller

I’ve had many jobs – magazine editor, QA assistant, office manager, legal secretary, etc. – and during all of that time, I wrote short stories for fun. (Some of them were even published!)

I’ve taken many writing courses. I’ve tried many types of storytelling. I discovered I like writing other people’s stories the best.  

Case studies are stories about your customers and you. They showcase how you solve customer problems.

White papers are stories as well. They start with the drama of a problem. They unfold possible solutions. Then they point to the best resolution – which is your product.

Your story is important. Every page of content you create tells part of your story. Work with me. I’ll help you tell your story well.