Jennifer Guter response-driven graphic designer specializing in natural supplement manufacturers.

Jennifer is more than a professional graphic designer. . .

. . . She’s a response-driven graphic designer, who specializes in helping natural supplement manufacturers. She knows that graphics are more than just pretty pictures and cool designs. She designs graphics to get a response – so you get more business.

Jennifer gets out of bed each morning eager for the challenge of creating attention grabbing, brand building graphics. For her, the process of understanding the needs and vision of her clients (and bringing that vision to a reality) never becomes routine, though her career in design has reached the 20 year mark.

Her favorite projects include slideshare presentations, logo and print design, infographics, and corporate branding.

Jennifer’s favorite super-hero is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because she slays her demons while still maintaining her sense of humor – which, if you think about it is a pretty decent metaphor for life!

In her free time Jennifer enjoys reading, scouring pinterest for design ideas, gardening, traveling with her husband, and wrangling her 3 intractable dachshunds.

To view a portfolio of Jennifer’s work, click through the slideshare below: