Why Us?

It’s not about us. It’s About YOU. . .

. . . And how we can help you be the hero for your customers.

Julie & Jennifer are marketing sidekicks

We call ourselves Marketing Sidekicks because we do the work – and you’re the hero.

A sidekick extends a hero’s reach, and makes them better than they are on their own. Robin supported Batman. Spock’s logic stabilized Captain Kirk’s emotions, and Watson kept Sherlock Holmes in line.

Sidekicks support you in achieving your goals. They uncover pertinent information, give you advice, and make you look good – because you’re the Hero.

Think of Harry Potter. Ron and Hermione gave him balance and made him better. We help you the same way.

When hire us as your marketing sidekicks, you get:

  • Experience. We have over 20 years in the marketing field.
  • Process. We have a method of creating powerful materials that showcase the benefits of your products.
  • Flexibility. As a small boutique firm, we work with your marketing goals.
  • Reasonable Time Frame. Once we set a deadline, we do everything in our power to meet it.
  • Response-driven graphics. Our graphics are designed to get a reaction from your prospects.
  • But most of all, you get Nutraceutical industry expertise.

There are many copywriters who specialize in white papers. And there are lots of graphic artists who design for the B2B marketplace.  But there aren’t many copywriters and graphic designers who have teamed up to create marketing materials specifically for the nutraceutical manufacturing industry.

As a copywriter, Julie understands direct response marketing.  As a nutraceutical writer, she also gets the nuances of what can and can’t be said in a piece of content.

As a graphic artist, Jennifer designs with a response in mind.  In other words, her creations are more than just pretty pictures. She understands the psychology of color, white space, and other elements that help your prospects respond to her graphics.

As one of our clients recently said,

“The creativity of the final paper was inspiring and they also assisted us with ideas on how to use it. Those who were interviewed during the process enjoyed their interactions with the associates of Hero Marketing Tools. Since completion of the project we have used the White Paper in many difference circumstances and it has fit every need we have.” 

~Jack Rolfe, School of Life Foundation

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Julie Gubler direct response copywriter for B2B natural health
Jennifer Guter graphic designer for b2b natural health